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Welcome fellow travelers!!! is designed to make road trips fun again. The site includes the nation's (and world's) top rated travel destinations along with other wonderful yet obscure roadside attractions as seen through my little sock monkey eyes.  It truly is a Travel Site for Travel Monkeys. Hi, my name is Socko.
Just wondering, do you think the glasses make me look smarter? Yeah, me too.

Anyway, to use the website, simply click on the "States/Countries" dropdown to the left or select the location you're interested in from the links below. Of course you can also select from the "Special Categories" dropdown which automagically categorizes some of the more popular destinations like "Haunted Places", "Roadside Attractions" and "State Capitols".
New in 2013
Jamaica   Turks and Caicos   Coming soon: Costa Rica, Italy, Greece and Turkey 
Countries,  Territories, Regions, Enclaves and Islands 
Thanks for dropping by and please come back often. Lot's of new places to see.
Happy travels, Socko