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Albany, NY
I Love NY's Capitol
State Capitol Building - Unlike most State Capitol Buildings patterned after the nation's capitol in Washington DC, the Albany Statehouse is reminiscent of an estate-style chateau. The building was completed in 1899 after 32 years of construction and input from three different teams of architects. The varying styles of the architects, often competing with each other, in the end looks fabulous. The greatest features of the structure are the three interior staircases. One is named the "million dollar staircase" which accurately states the cost, but understates its beauty.
Annapolis, MD
The Oldest State Capitol
State Capitol Building - The Maryland State Capitol Building was completed in 1779 and is the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use. There is so much history between these walls; from 1783 and 1784 it was the capital of the United States where delegates from the colonies met, it is here where George Washington resigned his command of the Continental Army, and it is here where the Treaty of Paris (which ended the Revolutionary War) was ratified. Walking through the echoing rotunda and gazing at the 13 starred Shaw Flag, you can hear the ghosts of our forefathers whispering the word "freedom".
Atlanta, GA
Peach State Capitol
State Capitol - The gilded dome of the Georgia State Capitol shines brightly in the warm Atlanta sun. Constructed between 1884 and 1889 in the traditional capitol building style, the structure contains the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Georgia Capitol Museum. The museum surrounds and encompasses the rotunda and displays exhibits on the history of the capitol, Georgia, and its people. Tours start at the top of the hour and generally last a half hour.
Augusta, ME
Maine's State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - The cornerstone of Maine's State Capitol Building was laid on July 4, 1829 and construction was completed in January 1832. The majestic building was designed after the Massachusetts Statehouse, the state in which Maine separated from in 1820. Maine granite was used for the stately structure and was hauled from the Hallowell Quarry located a few miles south of Augusta. Standing atop the 150 foot dome is a golden female figure representing wisdom which was designed by W. Clark Noble. Across the street is the Blain House, the residence of the Governor's family, where self-guided tours of the gardens are available.
Austin, TX
The Lone Star Capitol Building
State Capital Building - Yes, the Capital Building in Austin is taller than the US Capital in Washington DC. What did you expect? It's Texas. Built between 1882 and 1888 the building has a slight pink hue to it because it was constructed with pink granite from nearby quarries. The enormous building is comprised of over 500 rooms, covers nearly nine acres, and stands 14 feet taller than the US Capital. On the floor beneath the dome are the seals of six nations who have called this area of Texas home, Spain, Mexico, France, the Confederacy and the Republic of Texas.
Baton Rouge, LA
The Nation's Tallest Capitol Building
Louisiana State Capital - Welcome to the Louisiana State Capitol, the tallest capitol building in the United States. Completed in 1932, this National Historic Landmark stands an impressive 450 feet tall. Hop aboard two separate elevators to the 27th floor for an impressive view of the "who dat" capital city. The capitol building isn't all about height; there is plenty of history here too. This is the place where Louisiana's charismatic 40th governor and US Senator Huey P. Long was assassinated. His last words were, "God, don't let me die. I have so much left to do."
Belmopan, Belize
Independence Square
Capitol Building - In 1961 Hurricane Hattie devastated Belize City (the former capital of Belize), so it was decided to move the capital 45 miles west to the high grounds of Belmopan. High grounds in this case mean 250 feet above sea level. Independence Plaza is where it all happens and this area holds the Prime Minister's Office, the Post Office and various government buildings. The best time to visit is mid-day on weekends when Market Square is buzzing. Here visitors and locals can pick up fresh fruit, tamales, and knock-off jewelry while they visit the capitol building.
Bismarck, ND
Tallest Building in ND
State Capital Building - The State Capitol Building in North Dakota was built between 1933 and 1934 and is the tallest building in the state, standing 241 feet, 8 inches high (19 stories). Because of its height it is nicknamed "The Skyscraper on the Prairie". The original State Capitol Building burned to the ground in 1930, forcing the state to build the new one, during the Great Depression. There are many statues, memorials, trees and even a Capitol Park to explore while visiting. But if you want a grand view of North Dakota, head to the 18th floor observation deck, the highest viewing point in the state.
Boise, ID
The Gem and Potato Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - Construction of the Idaho State Capitol Building began in 1905, with the center portion completed in 1912 and the "wings" of the building finished in 1920. This capitol's biggest claim to fame is that it is the only one in the nation to be heated geochemically. A well pumps naturally heated water from 3,000 feet underground throughout the building during the cold months. Which in Idaho is most of them. The interior walls are designed with beautifully carved marble and the exterior of locally cut sandstone. A 5 foot 6 inch tall copper eagle looks over Boise from atop of its 208 foot perch.
Boston, MA
The Bay State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - Boston is home to one of the oldest and most opulent State Capitol Buildings (State Houses) in the US. The cornerstone of this beautifully designed piece of architecture was laid in 1795 by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams on land owned by John Hancock. The dome which was originally made of wood was covered with copper in 1802 and gilded in 23-carat gold in 1872 and again in 1997. The Main Staircase has several fantastic stained-glass windows and the House of Representatives displays a massive "Sacred Cod" which is over 200 years old.
Carson City, NV
The Silver State Capitol
Capitol Building - The Nevada State Capitol Building is one of the oldest and smallest state capitols west of the Mississippi. Designed by San Francisco architect Joseph Gosling the two story "Italianate" structure was completed in 1871, and constructed with sandstone from a nearby quarry. It is topped with a silver dome or cupola in honor of Nevada's nickname "The Silver State". The interior is replete with eye-catching Alaskan marble and the campus grounds are shaded with mature trees. A small memorial to the USS Nevada also graces the grounds.
Charleston, WV
Lincoln and Socko at the Capitol
State Capitol Building - Construction began on the West Virginia State Capitol Building in 1924 and was officially dedicated eight years later on June 20, 1932 coinciding with its 69th anniversary of statehood. The building was designed by architect Cass Gilbert (Ohio native and designer of the US Supreme Court Building in DC) and was constructed in three stages - the west wing, east wing and rotunda. The glimmering 14 karat gold dome stands 292 feet high and over-looks the Kanawha River. The grounds contain statues of Abraham Lincoln and Stonewall Jackson, a fountain and a replica of the Liberty Bell.
Cheyenne, WY
Wyoming's Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - Construction of the Wyoming State Capitol Building began in 1886 and was completed in 1890, the same year the territory became the 44th US state. The three story renaissance revival building was designed by David W Gibbs and Company, and is reminiscent in design to the nation's capitol. The interior contains a sculpture of Shoshone Chief Washakie, a formerly 3,000 lb mounted bison, and of course the Senate and House chambers. The exterior of the building was constructed with sandstone and is adorned with a 24 carat gold gilded dome reaching 146 feet into the cool Wyoming air.
Columbia, SC
Palmetto State Capitol Building
Capitol Building - The South Carolina Capitol Building (Statehouse) with its distinctive copper dome took over 50 years to complete. Construction began in the 1850s, then stopped during the Civil War and only slowly progressed during the poverty years after the war. It was finally completed in 1907. The interior contains works of art including House Gallery Portraits of Presidents and famous South Carolinians. The exterior and grounds feature a dome made with over 40,000 lbs of copper, sculptures and flowering gardens. And if you look closely at the exterior you'll find six bronze stars marking the location where Union cannonballs struck the building in 1865.
Columbus, OH
The Buckeye Statehouse
State Capitol Building - Construction of the Ohio State Capitol Building began in 1839, but wasn't completed until 1861, a full 22 years later. A series of financial setbacks, a cholera outbreak, and some really cold winters delayed the project. The state house is built in the traditional Greek Revival style, but unlike most state capitols, it doesn't have a dome. This is largely due to the fact that it was built before the US Capitol Building in DC, which most capitols emulated. The grounds contain an assortment of sculptures, and the interior of the statehouse features a museum and dozens of art pieces.
Concord, NH
Primaries Start Here
State Capitol Building - The New Hampshire State Capitol Building is the oldest statehouse in the nation in which the legislature still meets in its original chambers. Construction began on this Greek Revival structure in 1816 and was built with granite quarried from only a few miles away. New Hampshire is the location where the Presidential Primaries are kicked off to begin the new election cycle. This is evidenced by the enormous collection of political buttons and bumper stickers on the wall of the Visitor Center. Other items of interest are the Hall of Flags and the Golden Eagle atop the shimmering dome.
Denver, CO
Mile High Capitol
State Capitol Building - Construction of the Colorado State Capitol Building was completed in 1894, but the brilliant gold dome wasn't added until 1908. The dome is made of 200 ounces of 24 karat gold leaf and commemorates the Colorado Gold Rush. The Colorado Capitol is the only capitol in the US having the honor of being exactly one mile above sea level. An inscription on the front steps drives this point home by stating "ONE MILE ABOVE SEA LEVEL". The grounds are filled with memorials to war heroes and the interior has some beautiful stained glass windows.
Des Moines, IA
The Hawkeye State Capitol Building
Capitol Building - Construction of this one and only five domed Capitol Building began in 1871 and was completed in 1886. Four smaller domes made of tarnished copper grace the corners of the structure and a 23-karat gold leaf dome rises 275 feet from the middle. Inside you will find dozens of varieties of marbles, fine wood furnishings, and elaborately painted walls and ceilings - in addition to statues, mosaics, and paintings. The grounds of the capitol are filled with over 45 different structures including statues, a time capsule, military cannons and monuments.
Dover, DE
Liberty and Independence
State Capitol Building - The Legislative Hall, as they say in Delaware, is really Delaware's State Capitol Building. Designed by E. William Martin and finished in 1933, this Georgian Colonial Revival structure is a perfect dedication to the "first state" of Delaware. It houses both the Senate and House of Representatives as well as the Governor's and Lieutenant Governor's offices. The colonial style interior contains murals of Delaware's history and an impressive portrait gallery.
Frankfort, KY
The Bluegrass State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - Since Kentucky first became a state in 1792, they have had four statehouses. The current State Capitol Building or "new capitol" was constructed between 1905 and 1910. It is designed by Frank Mills Andrews in a Beaux-Arts neo-classical style (similar in design to several French structures). The interior with its elaborate marble staircase, beautifully sculpted columns and impressive statue of Abraham Lincoln located in the rotunda are all worth seeing. Guided and self-guided tours are available during regular hours.
Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermuda's Capitol Building
Capitol Building - You could argue that City Hall is the Capitol Building of Bermuda, but I decided on the Cabinet Building. Mainly because you can't go inside City Hall and you can look around inside the Cabinet Building (during the week). The structure was built in 1833 and has welcomed the world's most famous leaders including, John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth and Dwight D Eisenhower. On the first Friday in November visitors can witness the reconvening of Parliament on the grounds of the Cabinet Building.
Harrisburg, PA
The Keystone Capitol
State Capitol Building - In 1906 during the dedication of the State Capitol Building, Teddy Roosevelt commented that it was "the handsomest building I ever saw". And he wasn't kidding. This impressive 272 foot tall, renaissance revival style structure, is topped with a green dome which is modeled after the St Peter's Basilica in Rome. The capitol stands on 45 acres and the grounds contain several sculptures and a geyser-like water fountain in back. The interior is equally impressive with detailed artwork, murals, chandeliers and stained glass throughout its 475 rooms.
Hartford, CT
The Constitution State Capitol
State Capitol Building - Inside and out, the State Capitol Building of Connecticut is one of the most ornate statehouses in the nation. The Victorian Gothic structure was completed in 1878 and overlooks the lush 40 acre Bushnell Park. Multiple spires and a 257 foot tall gold-leaf dome surrounded by 12 statues top the granite and marble exterior. The interior floors are inlaid with marble and slate from Connecticut combined multi-colored Italian marble. A statue of Nathan Hale surrounded by gold topped pillars shines in the abundant natural light that flows through the glass ceiling.
Helena, MT
Montana's Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - Designed in the Greek neoclassical style, the Montana State Capitol Building was completed in 1902, with its east and west wings added in 1912. The copper covered dome rises 165 feet above the carefully manicured grounds and is adorned with a bronze statue of Lady Liberty. The exterior was constructed with granite and sandstone from Montana and is very impressive, but the interior is more so. The wide-open rotunda features color combinations of gold, red and black mixed with stained glass and detailed murals that are stunning.
Honolulu, HI
Hawaii State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - The Hawaii State Capitol building began operations on March 15, 1969 replacing the Iolani Palace (the only royal palace in the USA). The building was designed with features that reflect the Hawaiian culture. The 40 columns surrounding the structure represent royal palm trees, the cylindrical shape of the chambers symbolize volcanoes, and the water pools surrounding the building stir visions of the Atlantic Ocean. The grounds of the capitol contain several monuments and statues including, Father Damien, Queen Liliuokalani, and an eternal flame.
Indianapolis, IN
Hoosier State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - The Indiana State Capitol Building was completed in 1888 and is the forth statehouse for the Hoosier State (the first state house in Corydon is the only one still standing of the other three). It is designed in a classical Renaissance Rival style with marble floors and columns, beautifully designed stain glass windows, and intricately designed hand-painted details. The skylights and art work are the highlights of the tour. The grounds surrounding the Capitol contain several monuments including Christopher Columbus and George Washington.
Jackson, MS
The Magnolia State Capitol Building
Mississippi State Capitol - The Mississippi State Capitol was completed in 1903 and is the third capitol building in Jackson. It is even still referred to as the "New Capitol". On the first floor are portraits of all the governors since 1798, on the second and third floors are the various chambers and offices of the Mississippi government, and the forth floor is for public viewing. The gilded gold leaf eagle adorning the Capitol's dome and shining in the sun is over eight feet tall and fifteen feet wide. The grounds are filled with large flowering magnolia trees (the state tree), statues and artillery items.
Jefferson City, MO
Show Me the Capitol
State Capitol Building - The Missouri State Capitol is one of the prettiest in the nation. Sitting atop a bluff overlooking the Missouri River and surrounded by fountains, a Veterans Memorial, monuments and meticulously manicured gardens, this Renaissance-style structure encompasses over three acres. On the first level of the Capitol is the Missouri Museum with artwork depicting the history and people of the Show Me state. The second level hosts bronze statues of prominent Missourians, and to top it all off (the dome that is), is a bronze statue of Ceres, the goddess of grain. While there, walk down the street to the Jefferson Landing State Historic Site and Museum, a rare surviving Missouri River landing.
Juneau, AK
State Capitol and Post Office
State Capitol Building - Completed in 1931 and originally called the Federal and Territorial Building, this six story building became the State Capitol Building in 1959 when Alaska achieved statehood. It houses the state legislature and the governor's office inside its Art-Deco walls, which were once home to the Post Office and State Museum. Unlike most capitol buildings, there is no dome or rotunda, but there are historic photos and newspapers from the day Alaska became a state. The four columns in front of the capitol are made from Alaskan marble as well as some of the interior floors and walls.
Kralendijk, Bonaire
Bonaire's Capitol Building
Kralendijk - Bonaire's capital of Kralendijk (which translates to dyke made of coral) is the island's largest city with just over 3,000 residents. The capitol building or Governor's Mansion was built in 1837 and serves as the main administrative building and is part of the Caribbean Neatherlands. Near the mansion are Fort Orange, a small fortress and lighthouse built in 1796; Museo Bonairiano, the island's quant and informative historical museum; and dozens of candy-colored restaurants and shops. You can walk the entire "city" from one end to the other in about 15 minutes, so take your time and enjoy this little island paradise.
Lansing, MI
Where are the Wolverines?
State Capitol Building - The Michigan State Capitol Building was completed in 1878 and is the third building to serve as the state's capitol. The Neoclassical design was the inspiration of architect Elijah E Myers (who also designed the Texas and Colorado State Capitol Buildings). On the grounds of the capitol are several monuments, including one of Austin Blair Michigan's Civil War Governor, and many species of trees and flowers. The interior of the three story structure contains one of the prettiest views of any dome in the USA. Muses circle the rotunda and pull your eyes up to the oculus of the dome.
Lincoln, NE
Tower of the Plains
State Capital - The Nebraska State Capitol building was constructed between 1922 and 1932 for around 10 million dollars. There are free public tours at the top of every hour, but you can also take a self-guided tour. The best view from this "Tower of the Plains" is from the 14th floor observation deck. From here you can see the entire city of Lincoln. And because the area is so flat, on a clear day with a strong pair of binoculars you can see so far you can almost make out the back of your own head. Anyway, the 14th floor center chamber also contains murals depicting scenes from Nebraska history with titles including, "The Ideal of Self-Determination" and "The Ideal of Freedom".
Little Rock, AR
The Natural State Capitol Building
State Capitol of Arkansas - As you walk up to the State Capitol of Arkansas you will be nearly blinded by the six intricately designed bronze doors reflecting the morning sun. They are stunning. The doors were purchased from Tiffany's of New York in 1910 at a cost of only $10,000. Construction of the capitol itself was completed in 1915 at a cost of $2.5 million and utilizing mostly convict labor. On the grounds is a monument to the Little Rock Nine, a Liberty Bell replica, and a Granite Mountain Boulder (commemorating 100 years of statehood). Magnolias, maples, and plum trees surround the capitol and frame the capitol with flowers.
Madison, WI
The Snowy Wisconsin Capitol Building
State Capitol - The Wisconsin State Capitol rises over 200 feet above a narrow isthmus between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona (it is the only US capitol built on an isthmus). Construction was completed in 1917, on this the 4th building to be used as a Wisconsin's capitol building. The building is constructed with some of the finest marbles and granites in the world and the dome is adorned with a gold leaf statue signifying the state motto of "Forward". Free tours are available throughout the year and while you're there, be sure to rub the badger's nose for good luck.
Montgomery, AL
Heart of Dixie Capitol
State Capitol Building - Built in 1851 and standing atop of "Goat Hill" is the Alabama State Capitol Building. It is the second capitol building on this site; the first was destroyed by fire after only 2 years of use. It was on these steps that Jefferson Davis took the Oath of Office for the Confederate States of America on February 18, 1861 and on these same steps where Dr Martin Luther King spoke after the long Civil Rights march from Selma to Montgomery. Inside is a beautiful winding staircase and a dome with murals depicting scenes from Alabama's history.
Montpelier, VT
Nation's Smallest Capital City
State Capitol Building - Completed in 1859, Vermont's present State Capitol Building is the state's third official state house. The architecture is Greek Revival and is adorned with a 57 foot high, 24 karat gold leaf dome that reflects the bright Vermont sunshine. The interior contains maple floors, portraits of Vermont's two Presidents (Coolidge and Arthur) and the Hall of Flags containing the state's Civil War regiment flags. The grounds are a popular gathering place for locals and visitors to hang out (in summer). Montpelier has the unique distinction of being the smallest capital city in the USA.
Nashville, TN
The Volunteer State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - The State Capitol Building of Tennessee is set high on a hill in downtown Nashville and offers a majestic profile during sunset. Designed by architect William Strickland and completed in 1959, this Greek Revival style building helps make Nashville the "Athens of the South". Speaking of Athens, the tower on top of the capitol was inspired by the monument Lysicrates in Athens Greece. On the grounds around the capitol is the tomb of President and Mrs. James K Polk and statues of Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson.
Oklahoma City, OK
This Capitol Building is OK
State Capitol Building - The Oklahoma State Capitol Building was constructed between 1914 and 1917 in the traditional Classic Revival style using locally quarried pink and grey granite. But unlike most capitol buildings of the day, it was built without a dome - because financial short-falls and the onset of WWI. Eighty-five years later in 2002 the dome was completed to the original plans. You will find over 100 works of art inside and outside the capitol building, including paintings, murals, and sculptures. What makes this state capitol building unique is that it is the only one in the nation with an active oil well on the grounds.
Olympia, WA
The Evergreen State Capitol
State Capitol - The State Capitol of Washington is unlike most states, instead of one building it is comprised of several separate buildings. It does however contain a traditional domed legislative building which was completed in 1928. The dome of the capitol reaches 287 feet in the air, making it the fourth tallest self-supporting all-masonry dome in the world. The interior also holds a world record amount of Louis Comfort Tiffany bronze as well as the world's largest Tiffany chandelier. Also in the rotunda are the four foot bronze Washington State Seal and a shiny nosed bust of George Washington himself.
Oranjestad, Aruba
Capitol Building of Aruba
Government of Aruba - Aruba is a former colony of the Netherlands and was part of a six island federation with Bonaire, Curacao, St Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius. Then in 1986 it began operating as a separate entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands which includes Holland, Aruba and the five aforementioned islands. Aruba has its own constitution with a mixture of Dutch and Western influences and the Queen of the Netherlands appoints a Governor every 6 years. And I actually met the Governor - he rode the same airplane as me to Curacao one morning. On the flight they gave away, to one lucky passenger, a free round trip flight and guess who won? Yes the governor. But I know it's not rigged because yours truly won on the way back.
Phoenix, AZ
Arizona's Capitol Building
State Capitol - The Arizona State Capitol Building with its distinctive copper dome opened in 1901 and is now primarily used as the Arizona Capitol Museum. The Senate, House and Governor currently reside in the Executive Tower in the back. Inside the four floor museum are displays for the USS Arizona, the State's Symbols, and many others. At one time the state asked for designs to build a new state capitol and Frank Lloyd Wright submitted a rather progressive design. This is only one monkey talking, but the state should build a new Capitol and honor Wright by using all or a portion of his original design.
Pierre, SD
The Mount Rushmore State
State Capital Building - The South Dakota State Capitol Building was modeled after the newly constructed Montana State Capitol Building. You will certainly see the similarities after visiting both. Constructed between 1905 and 1910, it is made entirely of South Dakota materials and was built for just under $1,000,000. The exquisite Terrazzo Tile was laid by 66 Italian artists. Interestingly, instead of signing their names to the floor, each of the 66 men laid a single blue "signature tile" to mark what they had accomplished. Can you find them all? I found 42.
Providence, RI
The Ocean State Capitol
State Capitol Building - The Rhode Island State Capitol Building is a classic domed statehouse built of fine Georgia marble. Atop the dome is an eleven foot tall, 500 lb bronze statue called the "Independent Man". He is said to embody the independent spirit of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams - and through sleet, snow, and lightening strikes stands tall and proud. The interior has ornately decorated sculpted ceilings, marble pillars, tapestries, brass fixtures and stunning chandeliers. Located in the heart of downtown, the capitol is the perfect backdrop to the award winning Riverwalk.
Raleigh, NC
North Carolina Statehouse
State Capitol Building - The North Carolina State Capitol Building was completed in 1840 and is the second statehouse on this site in the city of Raleigh (the first burned down in 1831). Built in a Greek Revival style, the structure was a collaboration of efforts between several architects, but this monkey will give credit to David Paton (1801-1882) since he finished it. The interior of the capitol contains a spacious rotunda with busts of famous North Carolinians and a great view of the dome three stories up. The grounds contain over a dozen monuments with one dedicated to the state's three Presidents.
Richmond, VA
One Gleeming White Capitol
State Capitol Building - Looking at the gleaming bleached white Virginia State Capitol Building you'd swear it was built just a few short years ago, but believe it or not the structure was completed in 1788. The building was designed by Thomas Jefferson and is modeled after the Roman temple "Maison Carree at Nimes" in southern France. During the Civil War the building was used as the Capitol of the Confederecy and some how managed to escape damage throughout the war. The structure today is completely restored - inside and out - to the way it looked in the early 1900s. Just beautiful.
Sacramento, CA
The Golden State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building - The neoclassical California State Capitol Building was completed in 1874 and is the third capitol building since California became a state in 1849. The exterior is similar to the nation's capitol, with a 220 foot tall dome and pillared facade. One of the best features of the capitol's interior, in this monkey's mind, is the collection of montage boxes on the walls. Each county in the state has a display case filled with items and images that represent their area. Also inside is a small museum, while the grounds contain a small park and a Vietnam War Memorial.
Salem, OR
She Flies With Her Own Wings
State Capitol Building - Although Oregon was the 33rd state admitted to the union, it has one of the newest State Capitol Buildings (the 4th newest to be exact). This "dome-less" Modern Greek structure was completed in 1938 after fires in 1855 and 1935 destroyed the first two statehouses. The grounds contain a circle of all 50 state flags, a replica of the liberty bell and fluted columns artfully strewn on the ground to resemble ancient ruins. The interior includes exhibits and murals from Oregon's history along with the house and senate chambers. And like a cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae, the tower is topped with a 22 foot gold-leaf Oregon Pioneer.
Salt Lake City, UT
Jes and Socko at the Capitol Building
Capitol Building - The magnificent Utah State Capitol Building overlooking downtown Salt Lake City was designed by Richard K A Kletting and completed in 1916. The interior features a variety of fine artwork, sculptures and detailed ornamental work. Included in this list is the rotunda dome displaying seagulls flying east across the beehive state's blue sky. For the young monkeys, they offer "Utah State Capitol Bingo" where you look for unique objects in the building that are contained on the bingo card - it's even fun for older monkeys.
San Juan, PR
El Capitolio
Capitol Building - Known as the Palace of Laws and El Capitolio, the Capitol Building of Puerto Rico houses the Senate in one wing of the building and the House Representatives in the other. The Neoclassical Revival style building was designed by architect Rafael Carmoega and construction began in 1919. And though the structure was completed in 1929, the dome was not finished until 1961. Under the dome is the most impressive feature of the capitol, the intricately designed and colorful rotunda. Truly a work of art. Tours are available by appointment, but you are free to roam the halls by yourself.
Santa Fe, NM
The Enchanted New Mexico Capitol
State Capitol Building - Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in North America (est. 1610), but the capitol building is one of the newest in the US (est. 1966). Often called the "Roundhouse" because of course it's round. This capitol doesn't look like any other, there is no dome, large pillars, and it isn't even white. This capitol is in the shape of the Zia Sun Symbol, the symbol which represents the earth and its four directions. Inside, the first floor holds the House and Senate Chambers; the second floor is the most ornate with Travertine marble reflecting light from the 60 foot skylight; the third floor contains the Capitol Art Collection; and the fourth floor houses the Governor's Gallery.