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Laudat, Dominica
Cool Waterfalls
Waterfalls - Dominica is nicknamed the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean" for its unspoiled natural beauty, and part of that natural beauty are its waterfalls. Some of the island's most famous falls are Victoria Falls, Trafalgar Falls and Middleham Falls - all of which can be hiked to. The falls in the photo is Middleham Falls which requires a 90 minute hike (each way) through lush vegetation, over small creeks and over some rocky terrain. The reward is a striking narrow ribbon of water dropping about 200 feet into a deep pool below. That pool is a welcome and refreshing place to swim before the long hike back to your car.
Roseau, Dominica
Office of the President
Government House - The Government House is the official residence of the President of Dominica. The original building was built in 1776 by the island's first Governor, Britain born Sir William Young (also the namesake of Fort Young located just down the street). It, like many structures in the Caribbean, was destroyed by a hurricane. The current structure was built in 1836, with additions being made around the turn of the 20th century. It was once the official residence of the Queen's representative, but since 1978 has been the home of the President. The structure and grounds are immaculate, unfortunately I wasn't able to get inside the gate for a visit with the Prez.
Roseau, Dominica
History of Dominica
Dominica Museum - Overlooking the Old Market and just a stone's throw from the cruise ship terminal is the small, but interesting Dominica Museum. Housed in a 200 year old structure, the national museum of Dominica is a "time walk" through Dominica's cultural and social history. The tour begins with a look at the formation of the island, and moves to the first inhabitants and then onto the present day and recent happenings. Exhibits include old photographs, photographs and portraits of past rulers, colonial furniture, including a chair and old cabinet and a barometer, specimens of birds and fishes, colonial agricultural items and indigenous cultural articles including the Pwi Pwi, a miniature form of raft, a replica of a Carib hut and Arawak pottery and tools.
Roseau, Dominica
Emancipation Monument
Emancipation Monument - The Neg Mawson Emancipation Monument was unveiled on August 1, 2013, the 175th anniversary of Dominica's emancipation from slavery. It is located at the roundabout on the corner of Turkey Lane, Victoria Street and Castle Street by the Fort Young Hotel. The monument recalls negre maron chiefs such as Bala, Jacko, Pharcel and Qwashi amongst others, who resisted slavery by taking to the bushes and who lost their lives in the battle against slavery. The monument was built by Franklyn Zamore and depicts a slave using a conch shell to communicate.
Roseau, Dominica
Old Market
Old Market - These cobblestoned streets of the Old Market were once a place for slave and commodity trading as well as a punishment area which included executions. Of course that was nearly 200 years ago, today it is a place to find all types of fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, oils, spices, coffees, leather goods, woven baskets and souvenirs. This is a vibrant and lively market visited by locals and visitors hot off of the cruise ship (the terminal is just a short walk from the market). Walking through the stalls you will find some very friendly people that are willing to explain everything about the goods they are selling.
Roseau, Dominica
Churces of Dominica
Churches of Roseau - Several historic churches are within walking distance of each other in Roseau. The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven of Roseau is a classic example of Gothic Romanesque Revival architecture and was built in 1916. Other churches have inhabited this plot of land, dating back to the early 1700s. Across the street in opposite directions are Roseau Cathedral Chapel and Dominica Catholic Radio.
Roseau, Dominica
Forts on Dominica
Forts - There are two forts on Dominica, well one and a half. Fort Shirley, located within Cabrits National Park on the north end of the island, is an 18th century British garrison which once house as many as 600 soldiers. It remains largely intact and is now a tourist attraction as well as a venue for weddings, concerts and other events. Fort Young, located in Roseau, was a major military installation which was constructed in 1770. In the late 19th century it was used as the headquarters of the Dominican police force. The fort became a hotel 71-room hotel in 1964 and this monkey stayed there for a few nights.