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Adamsville, RI
Big Chickens
Rhode Island Red Monument - The Rhode Island Red Chicken Monument, erected in 1925, commemorates the birthplace of the most famous fowl in the Rhode Island and its state bird - the Rhode Island Red Chicken. Known for its distinctive red color, toughness and prolific egg laying capabilities, the Rhode Island Red is the perfect free-range chicken. The breed was created in the 1850s by crossing a Malay chicken imported from England with several other domestic breeds. Which makes me ask, why did the chicken cross the Rhode? Because he wanted to sunbathe on Block Island.
Block Island, RI
Mohegan Bluffs and Beach
Mohegan Bluffs - The Mohegan Bluffs derive their name from a 1590 battle between the local Manissean Native Americans and the invading Mohegan Native Americans. At the end of the battle, 40 Mohegans were driven over the bluffs to their death. Today these 200 foot red clay cliffs are a favorite stopping place for visitors and sunbathers. It does take a little effort to reach the beach, first climbing down nearly 150 stairs and then navigating over a small boulder field, but the beach is well worth the effort.
Block Island, RI
Southeast Lighthouse
Lighthouses - Block Island was named after Adrian Block a Dutch explorer, but it also had the nickname the "stumbling block" because so many vessels went down near her rocky shores. So in 1829 the government built the North Lighthouse (which was rebuilt in 1867) and in 1875 built the Southeast Lighthouse. Both are standing today, but because of eroding cliffs, in 1993 the Southeast Lighthouse was moved about 300 feet back from its original footing. Tours are offered at both lighthouses, and though it is about a 3/4 mile hike to the North Lighthouse, it is along a nice beach. So kick off your shoes and get your paws wet.
Block Island, RI
Est 1611
Settler's Rock - A trip north along Corn Neck Road on your rented bicycle or moped ends at a small parking lot with a monument dedicated to the first European settlers of the island. Dubbed "Settlers Rock", this monument lists the 17 original settlers and 16 original purchasers of Block Island. The families that came to the island seeking freedom from religious persecution first landed on this spot in 1611. The original plaque and stone were dedicated 250 years after the landing in 1911 and another plaque added on the 300th anniversary in 1961.
Narragansett, RI
Great Beaches
Beaches - Rhode Island may not be an actual island, but it has over 400 miles of shore-line dotted with some fantastic beaches, which can trick you into thinking it is an island. Rhode Island is nicknamed the Ocean State and has some great public beaches near the Narragansett region which include Scarborough State Beach, Fisherman's Memorial State Park and Roger W Wheeler State Beach. Scarborough Beach is one of the most popular because of its long sandy beaches that offer enough room to soak up the sun without feeling crowded.
Newport, RI
The Breakers
Newport Mansions - Some of the finest mansions in the country are located in Newport and they are all within a few miles of each other. The grandest of these properties is the 70 room, 65,000 square foot, former summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II called the Breakers. Finished in 1895, this extravagant Italian-Renaissance style "cottage" features rare marble, mosaics, and gilded woods throughout the interior. Newport Mansions, the preservation society that cares for the Breakers, also allows you explore 10 other historic properties. These properties include the 1892 Marble House, the 1901 Elms, and the 1902 Rosecliff, each with a fascinating history and each magnificent in their architectural design.
Newport, RI
Newport Harbor's Fort Adams
Fort Adams - Construction of Fort Adams began in 1824 and when it was complete some 30 years later, it became the largest coastal fortification in the country. The fort was designed to hold nearly 500 cannons and house up to 2,400 soldiers, but it is as much a work of art as it is a military structure. Located in the beautiful Newport Harbor overlooking Narragansett Bay, Fort Adams combines a hint of Renaissance style architecture in its military design. Today the fort is available for tours and hosts the Newport Folk and Newport Jazz Festivals. The festivals are held in late July and early August attracting some big names and big crowds.
Newport, RI
Oldest Synagogue
Touro Synagogue - Completed in 1763, the Touro Synagogue is the oldest Jewish synagogue in the United States. The beautifully designed structure is the work of Peter Harrison, an England native and later Rhode Island resident. The synagogue grew in importance when written about by then President George Washington, where he stated that the United States Government "gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance". Near the synagogue in Touro Park is the Newport Tower. This tower is made of stone and mortar and is speculated to be of Viking origin....,or it could just be a 17th century wind mill. Who knows?
Providence, RI
The Ocean State Capitol
State Capitol Building - The Rhode Island State Capitol Building is a classic domed statehouse built of fine Georgia marble. Atop the dome is an eleven foot tall, 500 lb bronze statue called the "Independent Man". He is said to embody the independent spirit of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams - and through sleet, snow, and lightening strikes stands tall and proud. The interior has ornately decorated sculpted ceilings, marble pillars, tapestries, brass fixtures and stunning chandeliers. Located in the heart of downtown, the capitol is the perfect backdrop to the award winning Riverwalk.
Providence, RI
Sock Monkeys Love Riverwalks
Riverwalk - Providence has one of the most open and inviting downtown areas in the nation. As part of a revitalization project in 1994, Waterplace Park and Riverwalk were created where once only concrete and asphalt parking lots stood. Located just below street level are a series of Venetian inspired footbridges and cobblestone footpaths that overlook the three rivers that converge in this area. During the warmer months the park plays host to "Waterfire". These bi-weekly events combine live music with nearly 100 bonfires burning in and just above the rivers. The events draw thousands of visitors and basks the city in a warm orange fiery glow.
Providence, RI
Founder of Rhode Island
Roger Williams - Roger Williams (1603-1683) is credited as the founder of Rhode Island in 1636. Williams, a fellow travel monkey, was born in London and in 1630 at the age of 27 headed to the New World with his wife Mary Barnard. After a short time they purchased the area in Narragansett Bay from the local Native Americans and named the area Providence. Roger Williams established this settlement based on religious tolerance and separation of church and state. In the city are the Roger Williams National Monument, the Roger Williams Park and Zoo and his final resting place in Prospect Park.
Saunderstown, RI
The Painter of Presidents
Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum - Chances are you've seen a Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) work of art almost every day and didn't even know it. Stuart painted the now famous portrait of George Washington that is portrayed on the US one-dollar bill. Stuart's most famous works include the first five Presidents (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe), "The Skater" a portrait of William Grant, Catherine Brass Yates, and Abigail Smith Adams. The Gilbert Stuart Birthplace and Museum contains the artists birth house, a 1662 grist mill, a nature trail and reproductions of many of his works.