Take Your Pick
Bartlesville, OK
The Woolaroc Airplane
Woolaroc - Woolaroc is a concatenation of three words, WOOds, LAkes, and ROCks, all features that make up the rugged Osage Hills of Northeastern Oklahoma. The name was given to this 3,700 acre wildlife reserve, Western Museum and Rustic Lodge by Frank Phillips (1873-1950) the founder of Phillips Petroleum. In the museum is a fantastic collection of western paintings, artifacts and sculptures all housed in a spacious and inviting structure. For firearm enthusiasts, Woolaroc has the finest collection of Colt Firearms in the world. This is one of my favorite museums in the nation.
Claremore, OK
I Never Met a Man I Didn't Like
Will Rogers Museum and Memorial - If you don't know anything about Will Rogers, you will be amazed by everything he accomplished in his relatively short lifetime. Not only was he a gifted and prolific writer, a talented actor, and acclaimed speaker, this guy has a nuclear submarine named after him. Now, if you do know something about Will, you will also be amazed by this great museum in his honor. The inside is filled with early motion pictures, books, an assortment of paintings and all kinds of Will Rogers' memorabilia. There is also a small theater, which is a great place to sit and get reacquainted with Will's comedic acting. Outside is the family tomb where Will, his wife Betty, and their son Fred (who died at the age of two) are buried. On the side of the tomb is Will's famous quote, "I never met a man I didn't like".
Clinton, OK
Getting My Kicks on Route 66
Oklahoma Route 66 Museum - Filled with thousands of artifacts relating to the legendary highway Route 66, the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is a great place to wax nostalgic. Exhibits depict a drive-in theater, restaurants, gas stations and much more. It's fun to take a tour and pick up a few souvenirs. But if you want the full Route 66 experience, spend the night across the street at the Tradewinds Motel (ask for room 215). Yes, Elvis slept here. The King stayed in that room on four different occasions when traveling from Memphis to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Viva Baby!!!
Davis, OK
Turner Falls State Park
Turner Falls Park - The 1,500 acre Turner Falls Park located in the state's Arbuckle Mountains, is the oldest park in Oklahoma and houses its largest waterfall (seventy-seven feet tall). The waterfall cascades into a natural swimming area where you can cool off from the hot Oklahoma summer heat. The park actually has several natural swimming areas, hiking trails, natural caves, sandy beaches and an old rock castle to explore. Because of its natural beauty and abundant camping areas, it does get busy during the summer, but all the best places are busy.
Duncan, OK
A Marker Along the Chishom Trail
Chisholm Trail - When the Civil War ended in 1865, the eastern portion of the US was nearly out of cattle and the state of Texas had more longhorn steers than they knew what to do with. So the Chisholm Trail was born. The cattle trail was started by an enterprising man named Joseph McCoy (1837-1917) who used a 220 mile portion of an existing trade route created by Jesse Chishom (1805-1868). The entire trail ran from the cattle rich area around San Antonio Texas to the rail yards in Abilene Kansas. The monument pictured here is near Addington Oklahoma and there is a Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan Oklahoma.
Elk City, OK
Outside the National Route 66 Museum
National Route 66 Museum - Route 66, also called the Mother Road, ran 2,448 miles from Chicago Illinois to the Santa Monica Pier in California. Established in 1926, the Main Street of America served as a main artery of westward migration and helped fuel America's fascination with the automobile. The National Route 66 Museum features a short film, first-hand accounts from travelers and hundreds of road related artifacts. The property also contains the Transportation Museum which displays several motorcycles and a pink 1959 Cadillac, the Farm and Ranch Museum which houses a vast collection of tractors, tools, and windmills, and the Old Town Museum which is devoted to early pioneer life.
Erick, OK
Trailers for Sale or Rent
Roger Miller Museum - Roger Miller penned over 1000 songs, but is best known for his big two - "Dang Me" and "King of the Road". Born in Fort Worth, Texas his dad died when he was about one year old and was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Erick Oklahoma. The museum chronicles his life from his humble beginnings to his own TV show, with pictures, a 45 minute video, clothing, and even his motorcycle. Roger was as much a comedian as a singer/song writer. My favorite quote of his is, "behind every great man is a woman with a great behind". Be sure to pick up a CD of Roger Miller's greatest hits at the museum and listen to them on your travels.
Oklahoma City, OK
National Cowboy Museum
National Cowboy Museum - The National Cowboy Museum has a stunning collection of Western paintings and sculptures from well known artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Charles Russell, and Frederick Remington. John Wayne had a long time affiliation with the museum. In 1965 he led a parade to open the museum in its current location, he served as a member of Museum's Board of Trustees, and he donated his personal collection of firearms, movie memorabilia, and artwork. This is a beautiful facility and the artwork will be appreciated by everyone, not just cowboys and cowgirls.
Oklahoma City, OK
This Capitol Building is OK
State Capitol Building - The Oklahoma State Capitol Building was constructed between 1914 and 1917 in the traditional Classic Revival style using locally quarried pink and grey granite. But unlike most capitol buildings of the day, it was built without a dome - because financial short-falls and the onset of WWI. Eighty-five years later in 2002 the dome was completed to the original plans. You will find over 100 works of art inside and outside the capitol building, including paintings, murals, and sculptures. What makes this state capitol building unique is that it is the only one in the nation with an active oil well on the grounds.
Oklahoma City, OK
Reflecting Pool and Chairs
Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum - On April 19, 1995 168 people lost their lives and over 600 were wounded in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown OKC. The outdoor Oklahoma City National Memorial holds a large reflecting pool framed by two monuments depicting the time of the blast and a field of empty chairs (one for each victim). The Museum contains a Gallery of Honor with photos of the ones who died and offers a guided tour which simulates the day of the bombing. This is a wonderful and dignified memorial in remembrance of the people who died and those who survived.
Oklahoma City, OK
The Watertower in Bricktown
Bricktown - Billed as Oklahoma City's Historic Entertainment District, Bricktown is a fun place to take your family and friends for a night out. Originally an industrial area from around 1890 to around 1950, it was extensively renovated in the 1990s to become what it is today. Here you will find dozens of restaurants including Toby Keith's I Love this Bar and Grill and a minor league baseball park where you can watch the Oklahoma City RedHawks battle their rivals. Bricktown even has a short canal where visitors can catch a water taxi.
Oologah, OK
Birthplace of a Legend
Will Rogers' Birthplace - William Penn Adair Rogers was born November 4th, 1879 in this very house. The house itself is a large two story Greek Revival style home that was constructed in 1870. But more important than the house, was the man himself. The youngest of eight children, Will Rogers was a movie star, philosopher, writer, family-man, beloved cowboy and much much more. Will lived here until 1890 at which time his mother passed away. Will's father Clem then moved the entire family to Claremore Oklahoma. You can't talk about Will without stating one quote, so here you go. "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
Pauls Valley, OK
Action Figures and Noodling
Attractions of Pauls Valley - The small town of Pauls Valley is the home of at least two interesting things, the Toy and Action Figure Museum and the Annual Noodling Tournament. The Toy and Action Figure Museum contains over 13,000 of your favorite plastic action figures, both historic and recent, including GI Joe, Superman, Hulk Hogan and on and on. The walls are covered with every hero imaginable. The best time to visit is in July during the Okie Noodling Tournament. No, they don't make noodles. They catch flathead catfish by sticking their hands in river holes and letting the fish bite down on them. It's good ol' backwoods fun!
Sand Springs, OK
Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma!
Discoveryland Amphitheater (Oklahoma!) - The best place in the world to view Rodgers & Hammerstein's romantic musical "Oklahoma!" is in the Sooner State itself. Staged in the outdoor Discoveryland Amphitheater for an authentic feel, you will see live horses, covered wagons and plenty of dancing. This is the story of a cowboy who falls in love with a farm girl in Claremore Oklahoma. If you get to the Amphitheater early, enjoy a tasty ribeye sandwich with all the fixin's at the Cattlemen's Association Ranch Dinner.
Tahlequah, OK
Native American Village
Cherokee Heritage Center - The Cherokee Heritage Center contains an indoor museum with permanent and temporary exhibits and an outdoor area with Native American Villages. Part of the permanent indoor collection is the Trail of Tears exhibit which describes the forced removal of Native Americans from their land. Outside there are two Native American Villages; the first is a late 1800s rural village containing a collection of seven buildings; and the second is a traditional ancient Cherokee village. During your village tour you can test your blow gun accuracy, engage in basket weaving, and learn the art of making dug-out canoes.
Tulsa, OK
Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Monkeys
Center of the Universe - Did you know that the center of the universe is in Tulsa, Oklahoma? That's what they good people of Tulsa say. Sure other locations around the USA also claim to be the center, but they must mean the center of a parallel universe. Anyway, when standing in the center of the universe and facing any direction you are supposed to be able to talk out loud without hearing yourself, but be heard by others in the general vicinity. Give it a try. Close to the center of the universe is the 72 foot tall sculpture entitled "Artificial Cloud", which is fun to climb if you're a monkey.
Tulsa, OK
Outside the Gilcrease
Gilcrease Museum - The Gilcrease Museum houses the world's largest collection of American West artifacts, and certainly some of the best. Filled with over 10,000 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, and drawings, from famed artists Fredrick Remington, Charles Russell, Thomas Moran, and Willard Stone. One of the most impressive works is the painting "Shoshone Falls on the Snake River" by Thomas Moran. This large 6'x11' work captures the cascading flow and rush of water over the precipice in Twin Falls with such detail, you can feel the mist.
Tulsa, OK
World's Largest Praying Hands
Oral Roberts University - You can't visit Tulsa without taking at least one picture of the praying hands in front of Oral Roberts University. This bronze sculpture graces the main entrance to the university and is over 60 feet tall and weighs roughly 30 tons. This makes the sculpture not only the largest set of praying hands in the world, but also the largest bronze sculpture in the world. While at the University, walk on over to the Prayer Tower and head to the top of the 100 foot observation tower.
Vinita, OK
World's Largest McDonald's?
World's Largest McDonald's (Sort of) - At just over 29,000 square feet and spanning a four lane Interstate, the Vinita McDonald's is possibly the World's Largest McDonalds. Years ago a sign on the side of the restaurant proclaimed this fact, but since then China, Florida, and Russia all built some might large Mickey D's, and the sign disappeared. So I did some investigation and it turns out Vinita still wins in total square feet, but some of the space is used as a gift shop. So you decide, I'm going with it. Plus you can still get a McNugget Happy Meal, so it's all good.
Waynoka, OK
ATVs on the Desert
Little Sahara State Park - Formed over 11,000 years ago by the Cimarron River carrying large quantities of fine quartz deposits, the Little Sahara State Park is exactly as the name implies - a little desert. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, when life hands you a desert, you make wheelies. This park is a four-wheeler's dream with over 1,600 acres of sand dunes as high as 75 feet to fly over on your favorite ATV. Facilities and gas stations are available and the great thing is that the wind is always pushing around the dunes, so you never see the same park twice.