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Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
Blackbeard's Castle
Blackbeard's Castle - Well, maybe not exactly Blackbeard's Castle, but possibly Blackbeard's Watchtower. This National Historic Landmark was originally named "Skytsborg Tower" and was built in 1679 by the Danes as an observation tower to protect the harbor. It is rumored to have been used by the infamous pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach 1680-1718). The view from the tower is fantastic and the grounds contain over 20 life-sized pirate copper and bronze statues. Within easy walking distance are swimming pools, the Rum Factory and Museum, the World Caribbean Amber Museum, the Britannia House and plenty of places to shop.
Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
St Thomas Synagogue - The real name of the St Thomas Synagogue is Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim, meaning Blessing, Peace, and Acts of Piety (but St Thomas Synagogue is much easier to say. This small place of worship was built in 1833 and is the second oldest synagogue in the US and its territories (the oldest is 1759 Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island). Inside this National Historic Landmark you'll find some beautiful mahogany benches and chairs resting on a beach sand floor. The history of the St Thomas Synagogue is detailed in the small museum inside.
Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
Market Square
Market Square - During the 18th century Market Square was the location for largest slave auctions in the Caribbean. African slaves were sold to the highest bidder to work in the numerous sugarcane plantations on St Thomas and neighboring islands. The St Croix slave revolt in 1848 initiated the abolition of slavery in the Danish West Indies. Today the auction blocks have been partially enclosed and an open-air market with colorful dresses, decorative mahogany carvings, and island wares have taken over.
Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
I Hate To Do It
Photo Ops - Everywhere you go there are photo opportunities waiting and I'll admit, sometimes I'm not up for them. Take for instance this poor mule in the parking lot overlooking Charlotte Amalie. My girlfriend Jess kept saying, "Socko, go sit on that mule and I'll take your picture." I tried my best to get out of it, because what mule in his right mind wants a sock monkey on his back? But she insisted and eventually I gave in. So here it is.
Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
St Thomas Skyride
Skyride - Climbing 700 feet along the rugged slope of Flag Hill to the top of Paradise Point is the ever popular St Thomas Skyride. Enclosed gondolas whisk passengers high above Long Bay in Charlotte Amalie for a fantastic view of the ships and sailboats in the harbor. At the top of Paradise Point are carnival type rides (including a Ferris wheel), live music and fine dining. If possible, try to catch the last tram of the day for a sunset awakening of city lights for as far as the eye can see. The Skyride began operations in 1994 after two businessmen purchased 30 acres of Flag Hill from the Queen of Denmark. And as they say, the rest is history.
Magens Bay, St Thomas
Magens Bay
Magens Bay Beach - Often picked as one of the top 10 beaches in the world, Magens Bay Beach is one of St Thomas's biggest attractions and certainly a great place to get your toes wet. Gently sloping white sands blend into a tranquil sea of turquoise waters. The nearly one mile long heart-shaped beach is dotted with coconut trees bending towards the ocean, which aren't just nice to look at, but offer plenty of shade for us fairer skinned monkeys. On site are restrooms, changing rooms, a small open-air concession stand, an equipment rental shop and life guards on duty.
Sapphire Beach, St Thomas
Readying My Kayak
Sapphire Beach - Sapphire Beach is a coconut and sea grape tree lined bay with sugary white sands and crystal blue waters. Compared to Magens Bay Beach, Sapphire Beach drops off a little faster into the water, has a little more surf, and much better snorkeling. Sapphire certainly offers something for both sun worshippers and water sport enthusiasts - with beach chair as well as kayak, snorkeling equipment and Jet Ski rentals. All of which are reasonably priced. There is also a small restaurant, restrooms and changing facilities.
Sapphire Beach, St Thomas
Super Iguana
Wildlife - Touring St Thomas you're likely to see a number of animals including Iguanas, donkeys (wild ones live on St John), Hermit Crabs, Goats, Deer and plenty of Seagulls. If you're lucky, you may even see a Mongoose. The Mongoose is a failed experiment in rat control - the mongoose was introduced in St Thomas to kill the rats that lived in the sugar plantations. Unfortunately the furry critter preferred birds, bird eggs, iguanas and snakes, and wiped out thousands of the animals.