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Bridgetown, Barbados
Beaches of Barbados
Beach Districts - With over 70 miles of beaches, all open to the public, you are sure to find a great place to lay down a towel. Your biggest decision will probably be - which color beach do I want to see today, white, coral or pink? The island is divided into four distinct districts, north, south, east and west. Crane Beach in the south with its white sandy beach, turquoise waters and rocky cliffs is rated one of the ten best beaches in the world. Ju Ju's beach in the west is a great swimming beach with very calm waters. The north has fewer beaches, but some great coves embedded in the cliffs. And the wind-blown east is perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Try them all if you have time.
Bridgetown, Barbados
Flight 455 Monument
Cubana Flight 455 - Eleven minutes after takeoff on October 6, 1976, Cubana Flight 455 heading from Barbados to Jamaica, was brought down by a terrorist's bomb. All 78 people on board were killed (58 were never recovered), making it at the time the deadliest airline attack in the Western Hemisphere. Two bombs exploded on the plane, after which the pilot attempted to return to the airport. They didn't make it and crashed into the sea, five miles from shore. Four anti-Castro Cuban exiles were arrested and charged with the crime. The monument in Payne's Bay is dedicated to the innocent people who lost their lives that day.
Bridgetown, Barbados
Capital of Barbados
Bridgetown - Bridgetown is the capital, commercial center and largest city in Barbados (with a population approaching 100,000). The British landed here in 1625, at the time an uninhabited island, and settled it in 1627. Historical sites include the Parliament Buildings established in 1639, the Chamberlain Bridge (a swing bridge) constructed in 1872 and Independence Arch built in 1966. The arch commemorates Barbados' independence - the island became a sovereign island country on November 30, 1966. One of Barbados' most famous former residents is pop-star Rihanna. As a child she grew up in the city (you can drive past her house) and sold clothing from a street stall.
Holetown, Barbados
Oldest Church in Barbados
St James Parish Church - The first church located on this site was constructed just after the English settled the island in 1627. The small wooden structure was no match for the hurricane of 1675 and was destroyed. The next church was built out of coral and limestone and met the same fate, falling to the hurricane of 1780. The current St James Parish Church was built in 1845 and after more than 150 years and several hurricanes, survives to this day. The coral walls, circular columns and open windows gives the time of worship here a truly island feel. When visiting, be sure to check out island's oldest bell (cracked in 1881) and the old grave stones and vaults near the church entrance.
Holetown, Barbados
Long Lost Cousin
Wildlife - Have you ever been some place, 10 miles from nowhere and in the middle of nothing, and ran into someone you know? Well that happened to me in Barbados. I was hiking a trail in the Highlands and out of blue pops a green monkey - and that green monkey is my long-lost cousin Jimbo. He is still as crazy as a fruit bat, but he looked good. So we caught up on the past 8 years, shared a banana and said we would write each other. Kinda cool right? There are other animals in Barbados too, the mongoose, bats, lizards, whistling toads, turtles and over 100 species of birds. So you may run into one of your cousins here too.
St Thomas, Barbados
A Wonder of Barbados
Harrison's Cave - Named as one of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados", Harrison's cave certainly lives up to its billing. First discovered by land owner Thomas Harrison in the early 1700s, the cave remained unexplored and undeveloped until 1970. Then it was rediscovered by Ole Sorensen who mapped it and initiated the digging of tunnels and the adding of lighting devises. Today visitors climb aboard an electric tram that winds them through a wonderland of twisting tunnels, stunning stalactites, and fantastic formations. The 45 minute tram ride makes several stops including one at "The Great Hall", with a ceiling over 100 feet in height. There is also an excellent visitor's center and gift shop at the caves.
St Thomas, Barbados
Barbados Highlands
Highland Adventure Centre - Located in the heart of Barbados, with a clear view of the sea, is the hidden treasure of the Highland Adventure Centre. This is the place to get back to nature by hiking, biking or horseback riding through the countryside. In addition to the gently rolling hills of the highlands, visitors enjoy exotic fruit trees, natural springs and freshwater ponds. For the adventurous hiker, be sure to take the 2 hour round-trip trail to Mount Hillaby - the highest point on the island - at 1,115 feet. The site also has a snack bar and plenty of clean restrooms, which is always a plus. :(|)