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Codrington, Barbuda
Tallest Structure on Barbuda
Martello Tower - Martello Tower (River Fort) derived its name from a tower in Corsica at Cape Mortella that the British had problems overtaking in the late 18th century. This 56 feet high Martello Tower, built by the British near Coco Point, once had 3 guns and was used to defend the river landing (although the river is at best seasonal). The location of the tower sits atop of an old Spanish fort. Today the structure is the tallest building on the island and has remained mostly in-tact due to its extremely thick walls. It is popular venue for weddings, although I had so climb a fence to get in, hopefully a bride won't have to.
Codrington, Barbuda
Caves and Sinkholes
Caves of Barbuda - As you travel along the coast of Two Foot Bay, there is a popular cave (Indian Cave) that is easily accessible to anyone. Here you will find bats, crabs, iguanas, tropical birds and dozens of interesting plants amongst the rocks. On the wall can be seen two small Indian Petroglyphs - the only petroglyphs found on Antigua and Barbuda. Another cave, Darby's Cave, is technically a sinkhole that measures 350 feet in diameter and about 70 feet deep. The sinkhole features stalactites and the vegetation resembles a mini rainforest with palms, ferns, and lianas.
Codrington, Barbuda
Codrington House
Codrington House - Roughly three miles north of the village of Codrington, along the shores of the 11 Mile Beach, are the ruins of the Codrington House. On this spot Sir Christopher Codrington, a successful sugarcane processor, proudly built the "Highland House" on the highest point of the island. Today only a few walls, the floor and a large cistern remain of this 18th century home, but it is worth the short trip to understand the history of the island. Between Antigua and Barbuda, there were once over 150 cane-processing windmills and sugarcane plantations and the Codrington House was at the center of it.
Codrington, Barbuda
A Beach to Yourself
Barbuda Beaches - The primary beaches of Barbuda are North Beach, Pink Beach and 11 Mile Beach, although you'll find powdery pink sand almost anywhere around the island. What you'll also find is that you'll have a gorgeous beach to yourself. In fact North Beach boasts the "Three I Rule", no iPhones, no internet and no interruptions, just you, the sun and the surf. If you like a lot of beach bars, jet skis and being waited on, you will be disappointed, but if you like beach-combing and snorkeling (which are fantastic) you'll love this nearly deserted desert island.
Codrington, Barbuda
Beach BBQ
Barbuda Beach BBQ - There is no better place for a BBQ than on the beach of Barbuda, especially when they fire up some local specialties like lobster, red snapper, conch, shirmp, mahi mahi and BBQ chicken. To go with the main course they serve fungee (cornmeal and okra dumplings), pepperpot (a veggie and meat stew) and roti (patties filled with chicken or beef and curried potatoes). To drink, you can wash down dinner with a rum drink, and for dessert dig into some Johnny Cakes or Tamarind Balls. Of course you will need to swim about 2 hours to work all the calories off.
Codrington, Barbuda
Getting Here
Barbuda by Air and Sea - There are really just two options to get to Barbuda, by air or by sea. The most economical is the Barbuda Express, a high-speed catamaran that jets between Antigua and Barbuda 5 days a week and takes about 90 minutes. A less economical way to get here is by yacht or sailboat (but probably more enjoyable). And the quickest way to hop from Antiqua to Barbuda is by air. LIAT serves the island and the trip takes less than 15 minutes. If you plan to stay over-night, it is best to make reservations ahead of time because there are only two resorts on this tiny 60 square mile island.