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Gustavia, St Barth
Gustavia Lighthouse
Gustavia Lighthouse - Located on the grounds of the 18th century Fort Gusav, standing guard over the harbor, is the Gustavia Lighthouse. Built in 1961, this three story conical white tower sports a red stripe on top with the word "Gustavia" painted through it. This is still an active lighthouse, although the original lantern has been removed and is stored at the Municipal Museum in Gustavia. The best way to get to the lighthouse is to hike from town - you will get a great workout and the view of the harbor and neighboring islands is spectacular.
Gustavia, St Barth
Forts of St Barths
Forts - There are three forts in the town of Gustavia, Fort Gustaf, Fort Oscar (formerly Gustav Adolph) and Fort Karl. All three of the forts were built for the defense of St Barth by the Swedes in the 18th century. Fort Oscar overlooked the port of Gustavia, unfortunately the fort has been replaced by a modern police station and isn't accessible to the public. Fort Karl doesn't have much left to it either, just a few stones and a good view, but if you need the exercise the hike up the long flight of stairs will get it done for you. The best preserved (although not that well preserved) of the three forts is Fort Gustav, which is named after the Swedish King Gustav III. Here you will find a few cannons, a munitions depot, and a guardhouse next to the lighthouse.
Gustavia, St Barth
Port of Gustavia
Port of Gustavia - Gustavia is a fun place to drop anchor for the day. For the fashionistas out there, you will find high-end French and Italian designers and luxury boutiques that will help you accessorize your wardrobe. Adventure seekers can go fishing, diving, island-hopping, snorkeling, jet skiing or any number of equally exciting things. Foodies will be just as happy with the roughly 90 island restaurants featuring fresh seafood prepared in every way imaginable. And sight-seers will enjoy the 18th century Swedish influenced architecture protected by historic forts, all surrounded by pristine Caribbean waters.
Le Toiny, St Barth
Quiet Side of the Island
Grand Fond - It only 2 or 3 miles from Gustavia to Grand Fond, but it is almost a night and day difference. The shops and bustle of the town are replaced with an untamed coast and rocky cliffs filled with goat paths (and goats). This is the perfect place to comb the beaches for seashells and to feel the ocean breeze as it drifts in with the waves. The waters here are a little choppy and the currents are strong, so swimming isn't recommended, but it is a nice place to catch a wave if you are a surfer. Grand Fond is also a popular place for visitors wanting a villa that offers a bit more solitude.
Lorient, St Barth
Best Beaches of St Barth
Beaches - There are about a dozen beaches on St Barth that are great places to dip your toes in the cool waters of the Caribbean. My personal favorite is St Jean Beach, here in addition to an absolutely pristine beach and beautiful azure waters are restaurants, all sorts of water toys and airplanes taking off and landing at the airport near by. Next, I like the sand dunes of Saline Beach. This wide and deep beach has wonderful sand and is a little more secluded. Then to round out the top three, I will go with Lorient Beach. The reef around the bay makes the waters more calm - perfect for the family - and there are a few trees near shore to keep from frying in the sun.
St Jean, St Barth
Tight Squeeze
The St Barth's airport (Gustaf III) is listed as one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Airplanes fly over the peak above Gustavia and straight down towards the short 2,100 foot long runway. If you're landing here, you'll be in for a wild stomach churning ride - so I recommend taking the ferry to this high dollar island. It is still fun to watch the landings though. You can rent a car or moped and park above the airport and photograph the airplanes as they come in - nearly being able to touch them as they go by (not recommended).
St Jean, St Barth
Want for Nothing
Eden Rock - One of the best places to stay on St Barth (and on the list of the top 100 best hotels in the world) is Eden Rock. This 5 star hotel leaves you wanting for nothing. They have excellent accommodations, a beautiful beach, unparalleled service, and fantastic food. Built in 1950 by Remy de Haenen, a famous Caribbean aviator and adventurer, the hotel quickly became a hotspot for the Hollywood A-listers and continues today to impress all who visit. A word of warning - there are only 34 rooms, so reserve one as soon as you can, if you can afford it. Rates run from $800 to $8000 per night. Even if you don't stay here, be sure to drop by this little island gem for a bite to eat.