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Esch-sur-Sure, Luxembourg
Picturesque Hamlet - Overlooking the sharply meandering Sure River and built into a steep cliff, is the picturesque hamlet of Esch-sur-Sure. The hamlet was first mentioned in the year 773 AD in the golden book of Echternach where it stated that the properties of the abbey were donated to the serfs. Then in the 15th century a castle was built with two defensive towers and a watchtower. With a population today of around 300, Esch-sur-Sure is a sleepy village that features quaint patio dining and plenty of quiet time to enjoy. Spend your mornings kicking around the castle ruins and your evenings kicking back with the locals at the pub.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Grund from Above
The Grund - The Grund is one of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods in Luxembourg City. Nestled in a deep ravine, some of the houses cling to the cliff walls of the gorge that was formed by the Alzette River. The Grund can be viewed from above, but is best enjoyed either by tour or by foot. Here you will enjoy ancient stone fortifications; several lively bars and restaurants that really come to life after dark; several parks that go on forever; and even an outdoor workout area that features about a dozen fitness machines. The Grund is also on the Unesco World Heritage list.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Gelle Fra
Touring Luxembourg City - Located in Constitution Square in the Ville Haute section of Luxembourg City is the Gelle Fra. The Gelle Fra (Golden Lady) stands atop of a 60 foot obelisk and is part of the Monument of Remembrance. The monument is a war memorial dedicated to all the Luxembourgers who died in battle during WWI, WWII and the Korean War. Interestingly, during the Nazi occupation, the obelisk was removed and was thought lost until 1981 when at the Josy-Barthel stadium. Today, Constitution Square is the gathering place during special events and a starting point for many city tours.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
City Tours
Touring Luxembourg City - There are a number of ways to take an organized tour of Luxembourg City. A few of them are the "Petrusse Express", the Hop On Hop Off bus and an assortment of walking tours. The "Petrusse Express" (little tourist train) offers a thematic audio tour of the city as you weave in and out of the surrounding neighborhoods and lasts about an hour. The Hop On Hop Off bus is a double decker bus that brings you to the Cathedral, the Grand Duke's Palace, the remains of the fortress, the European Center, and some of Luxembourg's most important attractions. Walking tours are also available, both on your own and with a guide.
Vianden, Luxembourg
Beautiful Vianden Castle
Vianden Castle - Towering dramatically over the village of Vianden is the the majestic Vianden Castle. Built on the foundations of a Roman castle between the 11th and 14th centuries, stands one of the Europe's largest and most beautiful Gothic fortified castles. And though the castle fell into disrepair for nearly 200 years, in 1977 it was restored to its orginal glory and filled with hundreds of period pieces including; weapons, armor, tapestries, artwork and furniture. A tour of this wonderful structure offers a glimpse into the past as well as wonderful panoramic views of the countryside.