Take Your Pick
"When traveling for a week or a weekend there are three things I take, a credit card, a camera and printouts from Socko Was Here. Well sometimes I take underwear, but they certainly aren't in the top three things."  

-Traveling Light Magazine
Cricket Corner, NH

"Socko Was Here contains the four corners of the USA, Northwest Angle, MN (north), Key West, FL (south), Lubec, ME (east) and Cape Flattery, WA (west) and everything in-between. There are National Parks, Civil War sites, all the federal Presidential Libraries, museums, monuments, beaches, restaurants and more. This site makes me want to see them all."

-Some Guy on the Street
Ticktown, VA

"Socko the Monkey packs over 1,200 of the nation's greatest tourist attractions (and a few lesser known ones) into a single site with color photos, descriptions, addresses and howler monkey humor. He is one bold sock monkey and an inspiration for all stuffed animals to fill a backpack and hit the road.”

-Stuffed Animal Weekly
Turkey Scratch, AR

"This book is the nuts."

-Steve the Squirrelly
Hungry Horse, MT

"Yes, Socko is a gifted writer and a rogue traveler who has seen it all, but he is also the best looking sock monkey on the planet. Every photo on this site looks better with him in it. He has the dreamiest eyes!!!"

-Teen Traveler
Hoop and Holler, TX

"I used to just sit on the couch and watch TV all day, then I saw Socko the Monkey's site. After seeing that a fellow sock monkey rode a Harley to Sturgis, danced at the Burning Man and kissed Marilyn Monroe's Hollywood Star, I knew there was nothing stopping me from doing the same. Dude, you're awesome. Thank you."

-Sock Monkey Tribune
Eggnog, UT

"Where was this website when I traveled cross-country last year?"

-Lola @ English Lab Journal
Squirrel Town, OH

"When I check out a travel website I try to think of something that won’t be in there. I start with must-sees like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls and work my way down to the best Philly Cheese Steak and the world's largest ball of twine. Not only does Socko Was Here have all of those, it even has the world's second largest ball of twine."

-The Monthly Weekly Standard
Frankenstein , MO

"To see what this sock monkey has seen is unimaginable. Most stuffed animals or people for that matter, only dream about seeing all 50 states by the age of 50. And there is no way Socko is even close to 50 years old. Kudos my main monkey."  

-Yesterday's USA Tomorrow
Lickskillet, NC

"A fun ride across the fruited plain, over the purple mountains, and from sea to shining sea. Socko shows why America is beautiful." 

-Living the Dream Magazine
Possum Trot, KY

"One wild road trip. This sock monkey rocks!!!"

-The Daily Monkey
Butzville, ND

"What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Sockotastic, Monkeylicous, those words probably haven’t been used yet. They are well deserved."

-Kevin the Rubber Chicken
Strange Creek, WV

"Socko the Monkey needs to quit his day job and document the great things in the rest of the world. I will follow him anywhere."

-Socko the Monkey Groupie Magazine
Looneyville, MN

"Tis a tapestry of tightly knit tourist traps tantamount to tasting trigonometry."

-Timmy the T-Rex
Tarzan, TX

"Socko Was Here captures all that is America and all that is Americana. The Statue of Liberty, Route 66, Graceland, Area 51, Yellowstone, the Washington Monument, Kitty Hawk, and Carhenge are just a few examples. There is simply no other website like this on the interweb."

-Mona the Monkey
Nutterville, WI

"Socko's website makes traveling fun again. It's an eclectic mix of tourist attractions and travel destinations combined in a historically accurate and light-hearted way. Plus, when I visit a destination in the book it gives me tingles up my leg knowing that at one time Socko stood on that very spot." 

-Chunky Monkey
Chunky, MS

"I'm the last comment on the website, really? Now I’m nervous because I want to make it sound good. Wait…wait…OK, I think I know what to say, dang I just forgot, no I remember."

Monkey Run, AR